five great colors for this season

This season there are 5 colors that I highly recommend you have in your closet. I love how this season it’s not just a sea of black that signifies fall’s presence, but instead 5 gorgeous hues. All of them actually look great together, so feel free to mix and match. Another option, that I have decided to go with, is getting pants and scarves in these colors, so blue jeans and neutral accents don’t have to be worn everyday.

1. Wine: A lot like oxford, this color is great for evening. Pair it with basic colors like tan and black or go a little more daring by mixing wine separates together (as long as they’re the same hue).

2. Navy: Navy is such a basic color, but I think it often gets overlooked when winter rolls around. It’s beautiful with light shades of brown, but also looks great with mustard.
3. Mustard: This color has been trendy for a couple falls, but I don’t think it’s been fully embraced yet. Mustard pants and scarves work as good accent pieces. Each can be paired with gray for a daytime look.
4. Army Green: With camouflage making a comeback, army green is less of a risk. Since it’s such an androgynous color, make sure to pair it with something that’s not too masculine, so you still look feminine. I love this color with floral or with navy stripes. It’s also great when there’s a chambray layer somewhere in the look.
5. Eggplant: This is another great night color. I love it with a long dress or for a New Year’s Eve party. It would look great with gold or with silver accessories. 

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