five holiday decoration DIY’s

Apparently, it’s already December (where did the time go?!), and holiday decorating season is in full gear. As a poor and creative college student, DIY Christmas decorations are the perfect alternative to the $20 per item deals at the stores. Also, making these crafts with your girlfriends can be a ton of fun. 
The following items look relatively easy to make, but if they are a bit more challenging and you feel you need directions, you can click my Polyvore link to the left, find the image, and get connected with its original site. 
1. Christmas trees: The tree is arguably the most important decoration, but who said you can’t make one yourself or preserve space by attaching it to the wall instead. Here are a few alternatives to the usual evergreen: 
2. Centerpieces: A centerpiece can be a small addition to a dining room table, since it’s such a central point in a home, can really liven up the Christmas spirit. Here are many options to choose from: 
3. Wall art: This is probably the easiest of the 5 options to carry out. All you have to do is find a site that offers free printable pieces or find quotes, such as the ones I did, print them out, and frame them. These can be hung anywhere in the house and can even just temporarily replace large photographs during the holiday season. 
4. Ornaments: If indeed you do have room for a Christmas tree (or if you want to make them as gifts), ornaments are a classic decoration. These ornaments just take a little time, but can become personalized treasures that you keep for many years. 
5. Garland: Garland looks great hung over a mantel, above a TV, or really anywhere there’s a wide space. It’s an extremely inexpensive option as well. I these love the creative versions I found:

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