five outfits to go with leggings

Leggings are a staple in your cold weather closet, but do you believe you’ve exhausted their wear? I’ve got 5 different options of leggings as well as outfits to go with them that may revamp your legging looks. There is nothing wrong with always being comfortable, but who says you have to always look the same?
1. Leather leggings: This may be the most uncomfortable of the 5 options, but they are certainly the edgiest. Embrace your inner rockstar by donning leather this fall.
2. Floral leggings: A typically summer pattern looks great in the winter when given some more masculine pieces such as a leather jacket and combat boots. Besides thin stripes, I would be careful when mixing another pattern with such a strong one. 
3. Fleece leggings: There is no reason that patterns such as this should be kept for quilts in wood cabins, so wear this winter special with neutrals and gold accents.
4. Leopard leggings: Leopard print is a bold statement that can go from day to night. Pair it with black and red for a classic combination that rarely fails. 
5. Black leggings (nighttime): To make plain black leggings go from day to night, pair them with something pastel and feminine such as this pink, strapless dress. Make sure the dress isn’t too long, so that it doesn’t look lumpy with your leggings underneath. A pair of booties and chunky silver necklaces  pull the look together. 

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