twelve things to buy her


As you may or may not realize today begins the real countdown until Christmas. There are 12 days left and with that comes great love and joy, but it can be coupled with great stress and anxiety if you have a long list of people left to buy for and nothing to wear to all the holiday parties. 
I have taken it upon myself to help those that need saving with a little blog special called “The 12 Days of Christmas. ” How original am I, by the way, with that title?! 
With this special I will be posting for the next 12 days (even on weekends which I don’t usually do), so make sure to check back daily! 
First up is 12 gift ideas for your best friend, sister, mother, or the coworker that you are obligated to buy for. All are under $20 and links to each one can be found (as alway) on my Polyvore. There’s a link on the left for that. 
1. “Feminist Ryan Gosling” book: Urban Outfitters: $13
2. Polka dot socks: Madewell: $23
3. Boxer shorts: Madewell: $30
4. iPhone case: Madewell: $19
5. Love Struck perfume: Macy’s: $68
6. Initial rings: Urban Outfitters: $8
7. Naked 2 makeup palette:  Urban Decay: $50
8. Polka dot notebook: Madewell: $8
9. Gold Essie nail polish: Essie: $8
10. Chevron pillow: Urban Outfitters: $39
11. Apple & pine needle candle: Yankee Candle: $27
12. DIY mini-manicure set



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