3 photos to take

ImageCandid photos are great and all, but the chances of getting your baby not crying or your boyfriend gazing lovingly into your eyes… are slim to none. So let’s cut the crap and force our loved ones to gaze lovingly at us! AM I RIGHT?!

Here are three types of photos that require a few props and quite a few shots, but these will be the priceless photos you will treasure, so I think they’re worth it!

1. The baby photo: If there’s a new baby in the family, he or she needs to be the first photographed. If possible, I’d try to get a baby right before they fall asleep or right when they wake up. They’ll be less likely to be fussy. If you or the parents don’t have an outfit… half naked babies are the cutest!


2. The pet photo: Again, the ones that can’t complain to you are the best members of the families to photograph. Put your cat or your pup into a sweater or some antlers and get ready to shoot as soon as it happens. After a few minutes of watching my roomie try to stuff her French Bulldog’s ears into some antlers, I can attest to the fact that the props won’t last long.




3. The couple photo: This will be the hardest to take unless you have a very cooperative significant other. As cheesy and obnoxious as these photos are… they would make a hell of an Instagram 😉 My only advice would be to not make the shoot last too long. It might just be my boyfriend, but if I force him to take photos for too long, his smile becomes this miserable grimace.


** None of these photos are mine… credits go to Pinterest and whoever posted them**


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