5 things to buy from midnight marauders

One of my favorite perks of working at a fashion magazine is the ability to work for and with people with such unique style, and my co-intern, Amira, is definitely at the top of the list. This girl piles patterns on patterns and never shies away from color in an industry so full of black head-to-toe looks. She’s got a unique and interesting sense of style and is certainly going to go places in this industry. She loves to thrift shop and even has her own online store called Midnight Marauders. This store features inexpensive, second-hand clothing, and you don’t even need to spend hours sifting through racks to find these vintages gems.

These five items were my favorite from the women’s store, but there are plenty of other options, so be sure to check the site!


1. Bleached Astro Sweater; $45

2. Super Waisted Jeans; $25

3. Button Shorts; $13

4. Study Hall Jacket; $30

5. Fresh Pine Sweater; $20

Also, their lookbook ROCKS:



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