5 ear cuffs

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.23.40 PM

For some reason, jewelry has always been a challenge for me. Either my jewelry game is super strong or my outfit is on point. I can never seem to do both simultaneously. While I love a good arm party of layered bracelets or the current look of a hand full of rings, I also adore the pairing of a simple look with bold jewelry. I think ear cuffs are perfect for that.

They’re a great statement piece for a feminine cocktail dress. They give everything an edgy vibe without trying. On the flip side, I think it looks equally flawless paired with a loose tee and jeans.

Whatever way you choose, just remember that the cuff says a lot on its own, so unless you want to look 6th grade scene, please refrain from pairing with too many accessories.


ASYM Gold Flat Studs: West L.A.; $185

Bee Goddess Eros Diamond Ear Cuff: Harrods; $900

Roshni Ear Cuff & Stud Earring: Nordstrom Rack; $19.97

Jet Ava Ear Cuff Set: Jeweliq; $22

SM00543E02: Steve Madden; $18



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