5 ways to layer

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I know very little about cold weather. Up until this past January, I thought everyone taking out their winter coats and thick boots at 60 degrees was totally rational. Now, I look at that as the shorts weather that it really is, but besides understanding basic temperatures, that’s about all I really know. 

Well, that and the fact that layering is key.

Why are layers so important? Because the temperature can fluctuate so often. Whether you’re going out all day and plan to spend it outdoors or if you’re just going to work and coming back at night. It can be 40 degrees in the morning, 60 in the afternoon and 30 at night. Mother Nature is a fickle witch. 

Also, many places feel the need to crank the heat up to 100 when it’s cold outside which turns your turtleneck/scarf/vest/coat/undershirt outfit into a deathly sauna.

That’s why I’ve been trying to find innovative ways to layer. Yes, I get the basics, but I can’t wear that combination everyday. I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate my Florida “winter clothes” with my New York thick coats. This means, using hoodies and leather jackets… and using them together, because neither one does anything alone in 30 degrees.

Here are my most recent discoveries for layering all laid out for you. Keep in mind that it’s not about the featured items themselves, but the essence of them (i.e. striped tee, jean jacket) that you can use to create your own layering plan. 


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