5 things to see & to read

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The Grand Budapest Hotel: Randomly decided to include Wes Anderson films for this week’s “5 things to see & to read.” I either LOVE or hate his films. This one was aesthetically gorgeous. I want a Wes Anderson Instagram filter that makes all my photos look like this film. The plot was both weird and interesting and it deserved all the hype it received.

Moonrise Kingdom: Now this is my favorite Wes Anderson film. I find the story of the young couple adorable and hilarious. Again, it’s creepy and slightly inappropriate, but in a really good, compelling way.

The Theory of Everything: Okay, I haven’t actually seen this, but I am dying to. If only movies weren’t $15 in New York, I’d have seen this immediately. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones captivated me in Les Miserables and Like Crazy, respectively. I know they will do an incredible job capturing the spirits of the Hawkings. If you have seen it, I’d love to know what you thought!

Not That Kind of Girl: I was finally able to read this book, and it was exactly how I expected it to be: intriguing, strange, thought-provoking and hilarious. There are many things about Lena Dunham’s point of view that I disagree with, but I never minded reading her opinions because she formulates them and presents them in such a blunt, confident way. I read this in three days…

Goldfinch: This book took me FOREVER to read, and I felt it was a little too long. The pattern of the main character, Theo Decker’s, life was far too repetitive at times. But this definitely makes you think about the quality of life and happiness. Also, the author’s eloquence makes it a must-read.


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