5 coats depending on the weather

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There has been a major learning curve these past three months. My outerwear wardrobe can’t keep up with the quickly decreasing temperatures. The warmest thing I brought up here when I moved in October was a leather jacket, but that was quickly a comical decision.

I think most Floridians feel like they only need the one big parka and that’s it, but I’ve found that to be very false. I would say at least 5 jackets are necessary, depending on how cold it is, whether there is rain/sleet/snow and depending on where you’re going.

Leather Jacket: This is the lightest of the layers and works well in the earliest days of fall and late summer evenings. As it started to get colder, I would put more layers underneath (i.e. a flannel shirt or a black hoodie). Now, I use it under my heavy coats in case it’s still cold in the tiny restaurants and bars I go to. Often, the door opens so much that the places are barely warmer that outside and you need something light and fashionable on top of your outfit.

Light, Long Coat: Coats like these or the long, camel-colored coats that are so popular right now are great for more formal occasions. When I go to interviews, I like to have a long coat that makes the whole look a little fancier. Yes, it’s often too light for December, but I think it’s a fashion sacrifice you have to occasionally make (while also opting for cabs instead long, cold walks to the subway).

Wool Coat: Again, this is a warmer coat because of the material, but it’s still form-fitting enough that you can’t wear more than a sweater underneath.This makes it not too bulky, therefore making it wearable for both day and night.

Loose Shearling Coat: This is mainly because I can’t talk about coats with out mentioning shearling. I’m obsessed with shearling and obsessed with this salmon-colored, Burberry Version. Again, they’re thicker on the inside and can be zipped up for optimal warmth. These are also intended for intense layering and are a little bit longer. It provides more coverage, but doesn’t skimp on the style.

Waterproof, Long Parka: Here it is: the Mac Daddy of all winter coats that’s an absolute necessity. It’s waterproof on the outside, insulated on the inside and has a lined hoodie. Also, it covers your thighs which, believe it or not, get really cold. It’s important that this coat is big enough to house multiple layers underneath, but doesn’t make you feel frumpy. If you do, you’ll never wear it, and that would be a mistake. I recommend that you invest at least a couple hundred dollars on this.


Leather Jacket- Sound: MODEKUNGEN; $200

Long Sleeves Loose Fit Coat: Chic Nova; $44.10

Lapel Collar Coat: Chic Nova; $44.80

Oversized Shearling Coat: Burberry; $2,995

New Powder Parka: Acne Studios; $1,199


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