5 coffee table books

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.31.13 PM

I usually decorate my room with two things: magazines and coffee table books. I love bookshelves full of the two and haven’t thrown a magazine out in over five years so that I can continue this collection.

Coffee table books are both beautiful and inspiring (they are also often expensive,so be aware). Most are jam-packed pieces of art in themselves so they’re worth it.

The only one of these that I own is Humans of New York which is by far one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. The perspective from people around the state and the glimpse into their lives gives you a new outlook on life. Brandon Stanton, the man behind it, started an amazing, inspiring thing by doing taking these photos.

Also, these make fantastic gifts for people who appreciate art, fashion, photography, etc., so keep that in mind for Christmas!


In Vogue: Barnes & Nobles; $77.49

The Sartorialist: Barnes & Nobles; $20.27

Oscar de la Renta: The Style, Inspiration and Life of Oscar de la Renta: Barnes & Nobles; $100.02

It: Barnes & Nobles; $23.45

Humans of New York: Barnes & Nobles; $17.99


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