outfit post: forever a leopard girl







Photos by Andie Fowler of Polish & Swank

My first outfit post! This is weird. Modeling for your equally camera shy friend is even weirder. I wish you could see how quickly we took these photos and left due to sheer anxiety. We couldn’t stand the idea of someone seeing us, but we did it and promise to be (barely) less awkward next time. 😉

This was a last minute decision (I’m just exuding glamor with all these confessions, aren’t I?), so my outfit really isn’t that cute, but it’s super practical. If it’s frigid or there’s like 2% chance of rain/sleet/snow, I’m in my Bean Boots. They keep my feet warm and dry and are WAY cuter than Uggs.

Also, my leopard sweater and red lipstick are easy go-to’s. The sweater is loose and not too sweltering indoors and lipstick always makes an otherwise limited outfit look much more put together.


My look (similar pieces, not all are exact):

Polar Wind Parka: Superdry; $160

Bar Pendant Necklace: Nordstrom; $28

Fashion Leopard Print Winter Women Sweater: AliExpress; $13.06

Moto Black Ripped Joni Jeans: Topshop; $68

Women’s Bean Boots, 8″ Thinsulate: L.L. Bean; $139


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