GUEST BLOG POST: how to ace your base

ace yo base Hey, everyone! Today’s post is a special one, becauseeee I didn’t write it! I’d like to introduce the first guest blogger on Kayla’s Five Things, Toby from Posh and Spicy. We actually ended up swapping and doing guest blog posts on each other’s blog, and it was a lot of fun! Check out my article on her site here. I’m thinking of doing more guest blogging posts, so if you would like to do something similar, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at The Prep: Exfoliating your skin twice a week will help your foundation go on more evenly. When you moisturize your skin, wait a few minutes for it to sink in before applying foundation. A primer will also help get your foundation on more evenly. They all have different skin benefits so try a few out until you found the one that suits you the most. 18a05a8ba2f411ceafa59c9eeda5ba61 I use the Fix and Perfect Pro by Rimmel. It smoothes, brightens, creates a matte feel and protects all one. Plus, it makes your make up last forever! The Formulas: Liquid- Best for all skin types. If you have an acne-prone skin and have an occasional pimple break out, try a matte foundation, since a luminous finish will enhance the spots. Powder- Best for oily skin. To have a nice even finish use powder. Choose “oil free” for not looking to caked. BB Cream– Best for light coverage. If you just want a light coverage use a BB cream, especially in the summer. Sometimes you just want to look fresh! c8b536ce96a4ff0bf9f4470a391c95ee I use the Clarins Everlasting Foundation in ivory since I have a combination skin, and it gives a full coverage but is oil free. How do I know my perfect shade? Do a line from your cheek to jawline, if it blends into your skin, that’s the one. Try a shade darker and lighter to see which one it is. If your skin has a warm tone go for the golden, brown colors. If your skin has a cool tone, go for the pink, nude colors How to apply it: Fingers- This will help you get a fuller coverage, but for oily skin, I would not recommend it since you might transmit dirt or excess oil to your skin. Foundation brush- Perfect for all skin types and spreads the foundation more evenly, but make sure to clean them ever so often. Sponge- Gives a light coverage, perfect for summer days since you do not need to be heavily made up. Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.41.38 PM I bought myself the Bobbi Brown Make up Brush kit. It was pricey, but worth every penny. On each brush it says what it should be used for, and they last forever! —- Toby Knopfler from Posh and Spicy   Thank you so much, Toby, for your post! Make sure you check out her blog and social media: Instagram: @poshndspicy Pinterest: Toby K ————————————————————————————– Fix & Perfect Pro Primer: Rimmel London; $7.99 Everlasting Foundation- Ivory: Clarins; $39 The Basic Brush Collection: Bobbi Brown; $190


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