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All photos by Andie from GingerSnap 

I have a few problems when it comes to shopping.

  1. I do it to often.
  2. I never have money for it. 
  3. I tend to pick quantity over quality. 

I have yet to solve my addiction problem, nor do you want me to play financial advisor, so I will stick with the problem I have semi-solved. That is my tendency to want to fill my cart rather than to buy one or two items that will last.

This is problem not because I don’t relish beautiful, well-crafted pieces, but because when I do find money in my budget for shopping, I want to see results. I don’t want to come home with one pair of Steve Madden shoes that will last me all winter. I want to come home with 12 pairs from Forever 21 that are already hanging by a thread. Despite realizing over and over again the consequences of my bad decisions, I can’t seem to break the cycle. 

So I’ve come up with a still unhealthy, but slightly better solution: find a way to make these purchases work. If I am buying impulse, cheap purchases over and over again and not wearing them, that is just pure waste. If I am buying impulse, cheap purchases and finding ways to incorporate them, despite the regret, I’m only half bad. 

That’s my train of thought, ergo the long kimono-like dress thing that I bought from H&M. I thought it was super cute on the skinny mannequin and imagined it with my black floppy hat (that is cheap and got very wrinkled like 2 years ago). I thought it would bring much-needed color to my wardrobe and that I’d be wearing it all summer long. 

Turns out I will never un-wrinkle that floppy hat and that it’s also see through and sometimes the buttons burst open. Not really dress material, so I went to plan B: becoming a bohemian princess. I unbuttoned the dress, threw a tank and some jeans under and then gave myself added height so my legs wouldn’t be choppy.

This was one of those outfit ideas that just randomly came to me, and now I’m sort of obsessed. I picture the dress over black shift dresses and high-waisted shorts in the summer… so many ideas that make this purchase maybe not a staple, but certainly a statement piece.

That’s my advice to you: tell yourself (and your mothers) that you meant to buy this random item of clothing, and then get creative. 


What I’m wearing or similar (*):

Black Button-up Floral Print Chiffon Maxi Dress: MayKool; $25.99 *

Chiffon Halter Top: Old Navy; $9.97

gojana “Morrison” Chevron Pendant Necklace: Nordstrom; $88*

AEO Sateen X Jegging: American Eagle; $49.95*

Eversleigh Cut Out Ankle Boots: ASOS; $76.00*

Deanna & Ozzy Side Zip Tote Bag: Urban Outfitters; $75.23*

Erika Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; $115*


5 thoughts on “making it work

  1. Great photos ❤ This outfit looks really lovely on you! I also have the same problem you have with shopping. Doing it too often and not having the money to do it. I have learned as I get older that I am buying more quality rather than quantity because I can use it for a longer period of time 🙂

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